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In the Christmas lottery this year

will be played by 2,24 billion euro In the Christmas lottery this yearThis year a prize fund of the most popular Spanish lottery – "La loteria de Navidad", will make 2.24 billion euro. That will make 70 % from the general sales of lottery tickets for the sum of 3.200 billion euro.

The main prize, "El Gordo", will make 640 million euros. or 4 million for each series. For the second prize it is allocated 200 million euros (1.250.000 euros for a series), and the third prize will make 80 million euros (500.000 euros for a series).

The president of the State society of lotteries and gamblings, Inmakulada Garcia (Inmaculada Garcia), told today at press conference about innovations of this season.

Draw will consist of 160 series on 10.000 numbers in each series. Lot will take place on Monday December 22. In total 24.486.400 prizes will be played.

Possibility to receive the prize in day of draw, after 18:00 becomes the main novelty of this year.

Since July 15 when started sales of lottery tickets, about 12-13 % of all numbers are already sold. As Inmakulada Garcia emphasized, sales of lottery tickets grew in comparison with previous years.