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Tax collecting in Spain reached a historical maximum

Tax collecting in Spain reached a historical maximumAccording to the monthly report published by tax service, the income of tax collecting in Spain last year made 174,9 billion euro that for 3,6 % more than in 2013. Growth of the income of the VAT and a profit tax became the reason of the maximum value of tax collecting received by service, since 1995.

Proceeds from the VAT and profit tax grew last year in comparison with 2013 by 8,2 % and 3,9 % respectively. In the state treasury arrived 56,1 and 72,6 billion euro on each of types of tax. Growth of economic activity and increase of rates of a tax in crisis led to essential growth of tax revenues, having exceeded even pre-crisis values of 2007.
This tendency will proceed and in 2015. Till February of this year, indicators of collecting grew by 7,2 % for the VAT and 2,6 % for a profit tax.
Nevertheless, other tax collecting does not inspire optimism. For example, the tax on the corporate income decreased for 1,7 % in comparison with 2013 and made 18,7 billion euro. It much less 44,8 billion received in 2007г.