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In Kalelye plan to open a museum of tourism

In Kalelye plan to open a museum of tourismThe authorities of the Catalan resort Kalelya located on Costa de Maresma (Costa del Maresme), suggested to open a tourism museum in the small town. About it reported on Tuesday the Russian representation of office on tourism of Catalonia.

It is considered that such such museum becomes first-ever. Creation of an exposition which can tell about travel to various historical eras, history of emergence and development of tourist branch is planned. Moreover, organizers want to construct a museum so that it was possible to tell about outstanding persons of Catalonia and about all most interesting world sights.

Besides, founders of a museum are sure that it can become a fine place for holding of conferences and symposiums on the subjects connected with the sphere of tourism. It is expected that state institutions will take part in the organization of a museum and representatives of private business.