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In Spain the pool for dogs

opened In Spain the pool for dogsIn the small town La Roka del Valyes (La Roca del Valles) opened the aquapark first in Spain for dogs of "Canino Can Jane". The hotel with the pool settled down in only 30 minutes of driving from Barcelona on the coast Costa Bravy.

The dog resort consists of the pool in the area of 308 square meters with a smooth entrance in water and various hotel rooms. Owners of dogs and to their pets can choose between visits to the pool with hourly payment or high-grade rest with spending the night in resort hotel.

The entrance to the pool costs 13 euros for a dog and her owner. For pets prepared inflatable boats and mattresses, balls, mini-surfboards, short flights of stairs and a hill. It is authorized to people to be in the pool, but its depth, 60 centimeters, was calculated on dogs.

The prices for accommodation in hotel depend on category of number: the place in the general room will cost from 15 euros per day, the usual double room costs 25 euros, and «presidential сьют» — 45 euros.