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Foreign tourists increased the expenses in Spain

Foreign tourists increased the expenses in SpainThe foreign tourists who have visited Spain in the first half of this year, spent in the country about 24,4 billion euro that for 6,6 % more than for the same period of 2012. Such data were published after the research which has been carried out by Encuesta de Gasto Turistico (EGATUR).

This growth was caused as increase in number of tourists for the first six months of year for 4,2 %, and growth of average day expenses and expenses on one tourist of 2,2 % and 2,4 %, respectively. Only in June, expenses of foreign tourists made nearly 6 billion euro that for 2,6 % more than in the same month 2012.

The main part of expenses in the first half of year has on British туристоы which spent 4,7 billion euro that made 19,4 % from total amount. British spent for 5,6 % more means during the holidays. They are followed by German tourists, with 4 billion euro (growth by 2,8 %). Skandinvsky tourists left 2,6 billion euro in Spain that for 15,4 % it is more, and the French tourist spent 2,27 billion Catalonia, as usual, is in the lead on the sum of the general expenses of 5730 million euros that makes 23,5 % from total amount of the tourist market. The Canary Islands showed growth by 7,5 % and the sum of 5,3 billion euro.