The United Nations recognized ecological value of a botanical garden Ale Palmetum

The United Nations recognized ecological value of a botanical garden Ale PalmetumAle Palmetum located to Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife and specializing on cultivation and preservation of palm trees, deserved the international recognition from the United Nations thanks to restoration of the territory and positive ecological development of a place where earlier there was a garbage dump. This statement was it is made the Ministry of Development which notified on this news the city hall of the capital of Tenerife.

Botanical garden Ale Palmetum (Palmetum) represented Spain at the X-th International competition of the Advanced Practice of the United Nations and by the decision of jury was carried to category of the best projects ("BEST") within competition of city spaces.

The mayor, Jose Manuel Bermundes (Jose Manuel Bermudez), thanked all judges for a valuable award and reported that the similar assessment will favorably affect development of all city and will promote advance of ecological values, awarding Ale Palmetuma a rank of «a unique place».

The president of park and deputy mayor Jose Alberto Diaz-Estebanes (Jose Alberto Diaz-Estebanez) noted: «Recognition from the United Nations proves that it is possible to equip a botanical garden in any place where it is necessary to improve a state of environment, and also visually shows importance of collaboration for the society benefit».

It should be noted that the island of Tenerife is well-known for a large quantity of sights and natural parks. The largest and visited natural object of Spain is the first Spanish National park to Teyda (Parque Nacional del Teide) located in the territory round a volcano Ale to Teyda, Tenerife considered by the highest point and all Spain. Other natural reserve – park of Anaga (Parque Rural de Anaga) is well-known for the climatic features and a unique natural complex with numerous gorges, twisting descents to the ocean and natural beaches with black volcanic sand. Teno’s (Teno Rural Park) Park has also great ecological value. This park is in natural isolation because of its limited and difficult access and is well-known for the mountainous massif and the dense woods. A variety of the nature of the island of Tenerife can be estimated in an unusual place under the name «Lunar landscape» (Paisaje Lunar) which represents rocky formations of a freakish form.