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In Spain the Novostiproicshestviya Campofrio

burned down In Spain the Novostiproicshestviya CampofrioBurned down the fabrikasilny fire almost completely destroyed Campofrio company factory in the city of Burgos (Burgos) in the north of Spain. About 1000 people worked at this factory.

The fire arose at 6:45 on Sunday. Victims are not present, but as a result of a strong smoke from a fire four persons were hospitalized. Today, the fire still is not extinguished, but the situation at factory is under complete control of firefighters.
Because of a smoke from a fire the ring road round Burgos that caused collision of two trucks and the car because of poor visibility opposite to plant was blocked.
Today the mayor declared that the company management declared intention to open new plant 2016 to give work to all employees who lost work from for a fire.