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In New Zealand will put a cardboard cathedral instead of the destroyed

In New Zealand will put a cardboard cathedral instead of the destroyedNew Zealand to be famous for the nature: unique landscape rich on falls, mirror lakes, mountain small rivers, and tremendous beauty fjords. For example, Milford Saund known for the fjords, became a place of shootings of "Lord of the Rings".

It is possible that the cathedral from paper and a cardboard in the New Zealand city of Christchurch also becomes a worthy place of shootings of any film. But while it simply replacement to the destroyed building. To take pleasure all this it is possible having ordered round to the New Zealand fjords.

In February of last year there was an earthquake, and Sacred John’s church was destroyed. The new building reminding the letter "And", according to The New Zealend Herald, can become temporary replacement.

The Guardian notes that the project was developed by the architect to Seeger Ban who specializes on construction of buildings in the cities, affected by natural disasters.
But in construction of a building it will be used not only paper and a cardboard, but also constructional steel and wooden beams. The architect notes that the building will be steady against fire and water influence.
The cardboard cathedral can accept to 700 believers. Its construction will take two months and at the end of this year it will open. The total cost of such unusual building makes more than 5 million dollars.
Cathedral service life – 20-30 years. Priests of Anglican church hope that the temple will present hope to residents and will involve tourists.