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In Madrid five people with suspicions on Ebola of

are hospitalized In Madrid five people with suspicions on Ebola ofTeresa Romero RamosПодруга and the colleague of the 40-year-old nurse from Madrid (Teresa Romero Ramos), hospitalized with Ebola two days ago, is also placed in a hospital, having become thus the fifth person with suspicion on the African virus in Spain.

At present the woman has slightly increased temperature and a fever. Three more patients are in hospital with suspicion on hemorrhagic fever. In total under supervision there are 52 more persons, 22 from which directly contacted to Theresa Ramos. The city hall of Madrid plans to lull, also, a dog of the nurse, because of risk of distribution of an illness.

The nurse who has become the first person, the caught Ebola outside of the Western Africa, was in team of the Madrid physicians treating the Spanish priests Manuel Garcia Vyekho and Miguel Pakhares which were brought from Nigeria and died in Madrid.