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Euro Vegas will not be

Euro Vegas will not beAs report the state sources, negotiations between Las Vegas Sands, the American business group which advances Euro Vegas project in Madrid, and with the Spanish government were finally interrupted today.

During the last meetings with the American company, the government of Spain refused to accept conditions which owners of the project wanted to impose. The American side demanded payment of compensations for possible losses, at possible change of policy and laws of Spain. Besides, they demanded big tax privileges.

According to the sources close to переговрам, conditions put forward by the Las Vegas Sands company are unprecedented and break the main of the law of EU on free competition. The American magnate Adelson (Adelson) who visited Madrid last month, asked guarantees that changes in standards which are applied at present will not be cancelled by future governments of Spain. Besides he demanded an exception of a ban on smoking and a ban on gamblings on the Internet.

Sheldon Adelson was going to invest 3,5 billion euro for Euro Vegas construction near to Madrid.