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Dinner in the Sky goes to Barcelona

Dinner in the Sky goes to BarcelonaOn May 5 tourists visited Barcelona will have again a possibility to have supper in the sky. The unique Dinner in the Sky project will take place in Barcelona.

The platform restaurant will be established at height of 50 meters over Maria Avenue Christina (Avinguda de la Riena Maria Cristina) at a mountain foot Monzhuik. The platform is calculated on 22 persons. Everyone the chair/chair turns at an angle 180 degrees, and the tourist will be fastened by safety belts. To serve dinners and обыды there will be personally a chief of Barcelonian restaurant "Nuclo" Zhordi Narro.

In pendant restaurant will pass breakfasts, dinners and wine tastings in the evening. To taste the menu at restaurant over Barcelona it will be possible from 10th morning to 1.30 nights. Duration of session lasts hour – one and a half. Visit cost – from 79 euros to 222 euros from the person.

To order places it is possible on a site: