Spain starts to speak Russian

Spain starts to speak RussianBarcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Malaga – the city authorities of these cities try to involve the Russian tourists in every way. The special prices for hotels for Russian tourists appear, the Russian-speaking personnel is gathered, are hastily translated on Russian of the menu of restaurants and bars.

On forecasts of travel agencies of the Iberian Peninsula, in the forthcoming season Spain will be visited by not less than one million tourists from Russia, being one of the most esteemed in Spain. Mainly, because Russians leave here a lot of money. On the average about 160 euros per day, it almost twice more than are spent by tourists from the other countries, – so declare in one of agencies of Barcelona, – therefore it is necessary to care of guests from Russia.

Following the results of 2012, it is reported by statistical service Frontur, first of all from Russia Spain involves tourists as the beach direction, it was chosen by 45 % of the holiday-makers who have visited the country. But even more often Russians go to Spain with the purposes of cultural or business tourism (on 18 %).

As to the country South, in Malaga many Russian guests choose not package rounds, and individual rest, they independently reserve hotels, air tickets, rent cars and do not need excursion groups. Thanks to new direct flights from many cities of Russia, tourists presume individual permits to Spain from SPb, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and other cities.

It is curious that more and more the Russian tourists involve gastronomic possibilities, and also an enoturizm and shopping. On the average statistically, the tourist from Russia leaves in Spain 1532 euros for the 10 – 14-day rest.

By the beginning of a summer season in sea resorts of a show-window of many Spanish shops replenished with Russian word "Shop", and also it is reported that the personnel knows Russian. Restaurants, hotels and bars similarly arrive.

At last and the fashion reached Spain to speak Russian. For example, the intensive course of studying of Russian in 1 month costs only 200 euros and demand for such courses grows.