Seogdnya in Bunyol starts Tomatin

Seogdnya in Bunyol starts TomatinThat is in the Spanish small town Bunyol near to Valencia today started the annual La Tomatina festival.

Thousand people from all corners of the globe gather on this grandiose «food fight» which main weapon is the tomato!

Today at 11 o’clock on several streets Bunyolya will take place the main event of a festival – tomato fight which by estimates of organizers about 40 thousand people of all age and nationalities will enter, for them 120 tons of tomatoes are laid specially up.

Fight will last sixty minutes, during which five trucks will bring up "weapon" on Plas del Pueblo’s main square. Exactly in an hour everything around will be painted in blood-red colors – walls of houses, sidewalks, participants are expensive also.

After fight of participants souls specially organized by a city administration wait and hoses with water are prepared, and wishing can be cooled after fight in the local small river.

This year the festival passes already in 67 times, and the beginning of tradition was necessary in 1945. On one of versions the first fight by tomatoes occurred between friends during playful fight at a festival.

Except most «tomato fight», participants of a festival fairs, concerts, parades wait, for tasting of national dishes and festive salute.

It is expected that the profit on a festival this year will make 300.000 euros.