Round on cemeteries on Costa del Sol

Round on cemeteries on Costa del SolProbably, the most unusual round from all possible excursions in Spain thought up on Costa del Sol. In Malaga to tourists suggest to walk on an ancient cemetery at night. To make excursion possibly only in a full moon.

Founders of round considered that the English cemetery (Cementerio Ingles de Malaga) based in 1831 and being the oldest Protestant place of burial in Spain is suitable for this tourist route. The last shelter poet Jorge Guillen, writer Gerald Brenan and prominent military man Robert Boyd here found. The guide will tell to participants to unusual night walk about the city and people, there is no time its occupying, about a cemetery stories where these and other celebrated personalities are buried.

Thus tourists warn: about reductions and vampires it is not necessary to wait for stories, excursion will be quite ordinary and especially materialistic. Unless the fact of stay in a full moon can cast over a cemetery to unduly impressionable any tourists the associations caused by viewing of too large number of horror films.