Canary islands

In the first quarter 2014 Spain was visited by 10 million foreign tourists

In the first quarter 2014 Spain was visited by 10 million foreign touristsFrom January to March of this year Spain visited 10,1 million foreign tourists. It on 677.000 travelers or 7,2 % more than for the same period of last year. Such growth was promoted by all main leading countries on arrival. In particular, the number of tourists from France increased by 11,5 %. On the Canary Islands in the first quarter of year growth of foreign tourists made 10,6 %.

According to poll of Frontur (Encuesta de Movimientos Turisticos en Frontera) which has been carried out by general management of tourist researches at the Ministry of the industry, power and tourism of Spain, Great Britain remains leading the market on arrival in Spain. Since the beginning of year in Spain about two million Englishmen that made 19,2 % of all foreign tourists have a rest.

France, in the first quarter of this year, became the second country on arrival, having outstripped Germany, from more than 1,6 million tourists and growth by 11,5 %. Number of tourists from Scandinavia as essentially increased in the first three months of this year. The total of the Scandinavians who have chosen rest in Spain, made 1,2 million people, and growth made 7,8 %.

The Russian market showed small falling for 1,3 % in March, but the general data in a quarter indicate growth in 5,6 %.

The Canary Islands from year to year is in the lead as the main vacation spot for foreign tourists in the first months of year. This year, in winter months Canary Islands visited more than 3,1 million foreign tourists that for 10,6 % above indicators of last year. In Catalonia 2,5 million tourists have a rest.