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Catalonia refuses a referendum about independence

Catalonia refuses a referendum about independenceCatalonia refuses from a referendumapravitelstvo of Catalonia (La Generalitat) made the decision to cancel a referendum about independence of Spain which it was planned to carry out on November 9.

Such statement head of an autonomy Arthur Mas (Artur Mas) after a meeting with leaders of four nationalist political parties of Catalonia (made CiU, ERC, ICV-EUiA y CUP) which support fight for separation from Spain.

Mas reported that the referendum is necessary for canceling in the absence of legal guarantees. According to the leader of nationalist party of ICV Joan Errera (Joan Herrera), the government of Catalonia plan to offer citizens alternative options of carrying out poll after a today’s meeting in the residence Pedrables (Palacio de Pedralbes).
Among inhabitants of Catalonia the idea of independence gained special popularity during time that the crisis which has struck Spain since 2008.