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The Spanish actress visited Oscar by means of a photoshop

The Spanish actress visited Oscar by means of a photoshopAdmirers of the Spanish actress Anna Allen (Anna Allen) accused her of photoshop use. 32-year-old Allen published some photos from the Oscar award ceremony. As it became clear, the picture where the Spaniard poses on a red path, was made in Spain and attached to other photo from delivery ceremony.

After detailed studying of its account in Instagram it was revealed that she and resorted earlier to use of installation and theft of another’s photos. So Anna published a photo of the invitation of the actress of Lupita Niongo on "Oscar", giving out it for the, and also «The theory of the Big Bang» changed the image of the actress Sammer Glau (Summer Glau) on a group portrait from series set.
After publicity of this history Allen removed the profile in Instagram on which more than 22 thousand people, and other pages in social networks were signed.
Anna Allen was born in 1982 in Catalonia. During actor’s career «The central hospital», films «Angel of Budapest» and acted «Ideal summer» in series "Respondents",