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bypasses Barcelona DubaiIn the current year it is predicted that Dubai will be visited by about 8 million foreign tourists that will allow the emirate to become the 9th of 132 cities of the world by number of the visited guests and even to bypass Barcelona.

Such information is widespread in one of researches which was published quite recently by «MasterCard».
Global Destination Cities which is now a new index of the world giant of payment system, shows that in 2011 the flow of tourists to Dubai will be not less than 7.9 million people. Thanks to this indicator he will manage to outstrip New York, Amsterdam and some other.
According to the carried-out research, growth of a tourist stream in the current year will make 17.3 %. This indicator is the 6th in the world twenty. Tourists who will arrive on rest to the United Arab Emirates this year, leave dale in this state of 7.8 billion. USA.

Despite an established opinion that to this country there comes considerable number of tourists from India, nevertheless, for Dubai the great value has also London from the point of view of the income received from tourists, coming to this country. In the report it is said that in the current year to Dubai from the British capital about 1 million tourists which will spend 876 million dale will arrive. USA.

The roar second for the importance for Dubai is Kuwait. The flow of tourists in the current year should make 343,000 people of this country. In total they will spend 373 million dale. USA. That fact that tourists from India and London are the most prodigal, know probably many. And that on the third place in this list there is Beijing, will be astonishing for many rather.

This year, the number of tourists from Heavenly Empire which will visit Dubai should reach 300,000, and their expenditure will make 334 million dale. USA. Such information is provided in the research "MasterCard". On the basis of these data it is possible to note that the Chinese tourists for emirates become the most profitable as expenditure counting on one tourist make 4,092 dirham against 3,477 dirham, falling on one tourist of Britain.

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Spain wants to toughen punishments for foreign airlines

Spain wants to toughen punishments for foreign airlinesThe country leaders plan to make more rigid punishment for those who will break requirements to safety of air transportation in Spain.

The minister of development of the country Ana Pastor noted that Spain can allow to establish the low prices for air transportation, but nobody has thus the rights to low level of safety of flights. Besides she reported that intends to achieve from EU of introduction of changes in existing regulations about air transportation.

She also told that the purpose (more…)