The Madrid journalist let out the first guide in mysterious places of the world

The Madrid journalist let out the first guide in mysterious places of the worldThe journalist from Madrid Lorenzo Fernandez Bueno published the first tourist guide in mystical and mysterious places of the world. In the guidebook it is told about 99 directions on 5 continents of the globe which it went round itself in 17 years of travel.

The book contains stories and legends about each place, what transport it is necessary to choose the reasons on which it is necessary to visit it, and. The guidebook included places with unusual, a little gloomy history: the thrown churches and villages, medieval castles and secret caves. Besides, in it it is possible to read about such directions as the paranormal phenomenon of the Person Belmes in Hayen and Balm’s temple in Castellon. The foreign directions – Easter Island or the city dead in Cairo are presented also.

In Portugal adjoining on Spain, there are mystical places. For example, Cape Roca which is the most western point of Europe. The narrow twisting mountain road leads to top of the mountain of Fate, захватывающа spirit the panorama from where opens. Here for tourists special service – the certificate on stay on the brink of the earth is provided. If you planned rest in Portugal, surely glance in Kashkaysh and Estoril – fine resorts to the West from the capital of Portugal. A place which was chosen once by aristocrats of the whole world.

Near to Kashkaysh the unusual rock «Mouth of the Devil» which is shrouded in an aura of mystical secrets and mysterious death is located and became a favourite place of tourists.