In Spain flow of tourists in the first quarter of the current year

is expected In Spain flow of tourists in the first quarter of the current yearAs expected, especially big flow of tourists is expected on the threshold of the Holy Week when in the European countries easter vacation begins and which this year falls on March, and last year was in April.

Besides, the average amount of expenditure of foreign tourists this year becomes more for 6 % that in absolute figures will be equal 9.547 billion euro, thus costs of rest and entertainment without expenses on transport will grow by 5.6 %.

The ministry in this regard warns both the Spanish citizens, and foreign guests of the country to care and restraint manifestation that is connected with a difficult economic situation round Spain and Europe as a whole.

For example, the European Commission does not expect growth in the tourist markets more than 1 % in 2013 that is based on the preliminary analysis of experts of the European Union.

On a mneiya of Brussels in Germany growth in the sphere of tourism can come nearer to 0.8 %, and in Italy in general can return to negative sizes. Improvement of a situation expected in Brussels can come in 2014 at growth in 2 % in the tourism sphere in the European countries.