How to celebrate St. Valentines Day on Canary Islands

How to celebrate St. Valentines Day on Canary IslandsThanks to ideal climate, the magnificent nature and ample opportunities of placement, including hotels and historical estates, Canary islands is an ideal place for carrying out the most romantic day in a year. Leaving traditional flowers and dinners, more and more pairs prefer romantic travel. If you were tired of winter cold, rest on the Canary Islands can become fine possibility to leave with melancholy! Exactly here you can choose one of seven wonderful places where the best climate and one thousand possibilities magically to spend the most romantic day in a year, to take pleasure in the sun, the ocean, fresh air and fine landscapes. Each of seven islands is individual, everyone is ready to offer unusual options of carrying out an unforgettable holiday and to satisfy the most exacting romantics.


Known as «the tiny continent», Gran Kanariya is a unique place for pairs which want to run away from routine. This small world as though is divided into two absolutely different hemispheres: the South – wonderful beaches and solar baths, and the North – the woods and landscapes of rural areas. Bathing and acceptance of solar baths in Maspalomas (Maspalomas), among palm groves or contemplation of solar declines from island rocks – you need to choose pedestrian walks only as you want to spend time. Among a set of options of placement one of the most beautiful places is the Seaside Residencia grand hotel – 5-stars luxury the hotel located in the heart of Maspalomas which belongs to the international group The Leading Hotels. Being the hotel which has not been intended for rest with children, it is ideally suited for pairs which want to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in a privacy and noisy crowd of vacationers. The hotel offers 94 exclusive numbers located in small two-storeyed country houses over which design known French architect Alberto Pinto worked. In the territory of hotel there are pools with sea water and underwater massage streams, and also high-grade wellness&spa-центр. One more magic vacation spot – Gloria Palace San Agustin Thalasso & Hotel hotel which also is in the Southern part of the island, near to beaches San Agustin (San Agustin) and Las-Burras (Las Burras). This resort is one of the very first centers of thalassotherapy on the island. Its second card – Gorbea restaurant where you can take pleasure in excellent basque kitchen and a view of the sea. This ideal combination for creation of a romantic situation.


The island of Tenerife – happiness top! There is the highest mountain of Spain – a volcano to Teyda (Teide). It is safely possible to call the island one of the brightest and romantic places in the world – here to you are ready to offer the most various options of leisure and outdoor activities. One of recommended places for accommodation of pairs – the Las Canadas del Teide Parador hotel located in National park to Teyda, nearby to a volcano. There you can visit archeological excavations or go to a campaign, to be disconnected from the whole world and to spend time alone, enjoying charm of picturesque places. To pairs preferring beach rest, we recommend to visit Sir Anthony hotel which is located in the southern part of the island on Playa de las Amerikas (Playa de Las Americas). The big Spa center, pools, restaurants, night institutions, and all the rest that can be necessary for pair for the first class rest.How to celebrate St. Valentines Day on Canary Islands


La Homer is an island which has special respect for love. Here in honor of one of the most romantic legends of Spain about a romance novel between princess Gara and Hanoi the national park of Garakhonay (Garajonay) is called. The young man by name of Hanoi from the island of Tenerife fell in love with princess Gara from the island La Gomera. However relatives of young people were against their communication. Then Hanoi made the wooden spear ground from two parties, lovers said goodbye to life and rushed down from the highest point of the island – mountains which now is called as Garakhonay. Here you can carry out the most unforgettable St. Valentine’s Day: tourist routes, picturesque declines, improbable types and the sea of clouds do not leave you indifferent. See all this the eyes you can from an observation deck Mirador de Los Rokes (Mirador de Los Roques) in San Sebastian (San Sebastian). Meet rising over the sea and admire views on a volcano to Teyda to be charged by romanticism and love. La Homer are unforgettable feelings which you can divide with the soulmate.

One of the most beautiful hotels of the island – Parador de La Gomera which is on a hill in an environment of tropical gardens. Its spacious rooms and halls are filled in with a sunlight. The architecture of hotel is sustained in style typical for La Gomera – very clearly it reminds of Columbus’s era when from coast the ships sailed, heading for the American continent. By the way, from this hotel the tremendous view of the next island of Tenerife opens.


Combination of lava landscapes and volcanic ashes, snow-white beaches to turquoise water – these landscapes as though from other world! Certainly, the island is that place where you will feel on other planet, the happiness and harmony here reigns.

Once to Lansarota gave life to architect Cesar Manrique. Now admirers of this great creator come on the island to take pleasure in its works of art – monuments of architecture of Los Hameos del Agua (Los Jameos del Agua) or the Cactaceous garden. Perfectly being in harmony with local landscapes, to the territory of contrasts and vanguard design invites 5-stars hotel Melia Salinas. This grandee hotel of the class "luxury" offers placement both in rooms, and on country houses. Pleasure by society of each other in the fine pools, the Sleeping Lagoon or in the Botanical garden remains your unique care.


Smallest of islands of the archipelago will open before you unique landscapes of vineyards, plantations and the woods. Yerro’s ale is a part of worldwide network of biospheric reserves of UNESCO. Its nature and everything that is hidden on a seabed, it will allow beloved to appear in an earthly paradise. From windows of Parador de El Hierro hotel which costs directly on the coast, you can admire the ocean surrounded with magnificent vegetation. Immersion on an ocean floor in the sea reserve La Restinga (La Restinga) becomes especially bright impression.How to celebrate St. Valentines Day on Canary Islands


Known as "Isla Bonita" or «the beautiful island», La of the Palm is unique mixture of bright paints: emerald woods, black beaches and crystal-clear waters. Main sights of the island – National park the Caldera to de Taburiyenta (La Caldera de Taburiente) – one of the oldest nature protection territories of Spain. Magic here even sky: at night the island becomes the best place for contemplation of stars.

Puerto Naos’s (Puerto Naos) beaches and Los-Kankakhos (Los Cancajos) are worthy special attention – here the sun always shines! That who wishes to plunge into national culture of the island, to liking it is necessary Hacienda de Abajo hotel. It is surrounded with a magnificent garden and located in the historical city center to Tezekort (Tazacorte) on the oceanic coast.


It is the oldest and second-large island of the archipelago there were as a result of the volcanic eruptions, occurred many millennia ago. Fuerteventura – the sun and tranquillity island. It is well-known for the white sandy beaches which general extent makes 150 km. Most known of sights of the island are beaches to Kofeta (Cofete), Las Dunas del Koralekho (Las Dunas del Corralejo) and national reserve of Isla-de-Lobos (Isla de Lobos). Charm of the nature, hot sand and the hot sun – all this will make your St. Valentine’s Day on Fuerteventur’s island unforgettable.

For St. Valentine’s Day celebration the R2 Romantic Fantasia Suites Design Hotel & Spa Wellness hotel opens doors all lover. It settles down in the southern part of the island in Tarakhalekho, and his numbers differ modern, minimalist design. In numbers of the class "luxury" located close to a beach, there are terraces. Pairs which have stopped here, can have a rest in a disco, relax in a jacuzzi or arrange a romantic dinner at candles in cozy number.