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The number of given-out VNZh for investors in the Spanish nedvizhost of

grew The number of given-out VNZh for investors in the Spanish nedvizhost ofThe real estate on Costa Bravana today, in Spain every day stands out on one residence permit to the foreigner who invested in the Spanish real estate not less EUR 500.000.

Since October, 2013, within the law "About business", foreign investors can receive VNZh in Spain upon real estate purchase in cost from EUR 500.000. According to the Ministry of Economics and trade for the last year, according to this scheme 324 permissions to residence in Spain were given out.

This process was essentially accelerated in recent months. If by February 2014 only one foreigner could obtain permit to residence in the country, by October, this figure increased to 323.

As analysts speak, such situation is caused by growing interest among foreign investors to the Spanish real estate which went down in price and, probably, reached the minimum values.

Sale of private housing to foreigners increased in the first half of the year in Spain by 21 %. For the first six months of this year 34.680 transactions of purchase and sale from which more than a half (54 %) was the share of nonresidents were issued.

Russians play an essential role in the market of the Spanish real estate. Citizens of the Russian Federation made 7,1 % of transactions from total amount, but, according to analysts, the average price of purchase among Russians makes EUR 678.422.

Regions Costa Bravy and Alicante are the most favourite places of residence for Russians.