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The Spanish housing will not grow in the price within a year of

The Spanish housing will not grow in the price within a year ofBuilding in Ispaniisoglasno to the researches which have been carried out by Moody’s Investors Service Inc, experts do not expect an essential rise in prices for the Spanish real estate, despite economic reconstruction.

The international experts came to a conclusion that reduction of number of the Spanish population and rather high unemployment rate in the country will not give to the market of real estate grow up in the near future.

At least for the next year, the tendency to reduction of prices in spite of the fact that the economy of Spain started to show small growth this year will be observed.


According to official data, the real estate of Spain started to rise in price after six years of continuous falling which made about 40 %. In the second quarter 2014 of the price grew by 0,8 % in comparison with the same period of last year.

Besides, according to the analysis, carried out by the largest portal of real estate of, the price for rent in Spain show essential growth. The average price for housing rent in Spain made 6,88 Euros for square meter a month this summer. Quarter growth of rent made 1,5 %. Among 30 municipalities with the highest price of rent, Catalonia and real estate Costa Bravy, in particular is in the lead. They are followed by Madrid, the Basque Country, Balearic Islands and Andalusia.

10 most expensive municipalities of Spain look so:

N? 1: Ibiza (Islas Baleares)
N? 2: San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa)
N? 3: Gecho (Vizcaya)
N? 4: Barcelona
N? 5: San Kugat-del-Valyes (Barcelona)
N? 6: Sitzhes (Barcelona)
N? 7: Madrid
N? 8: Bilbao (Vizcaya)
N? 9: Posuelo-de-Alarkon (Madrid)
N? 10: Кастельдефельс (Barcelona)