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Sales in the market of secondary housing of Spain grew by 26 % of

Sales in the market of secondary housing of Spain grew by 26 % ofSales in the market of secondary housing of Spain grew on 26%Налоговая reform which is at a final stage of consideration in the Senate of Spain and according to which, taxes on resale of real estate objects sold in 2015 will essentially increase, caused essential growth of sale of the Spanish motionlessness in recent months. Such data were published by the General council of notaries of Spain.

The new bill increases tax payments in these cases because of elimination of lowering factors of recalculation of tax privileges which exist now for a profit tax and a capital gain from sale of assets, such as real estate or the actions bought a few years ago. Tax assignments will essentially grow for the real estate bought till December 31, 1994 as both rates of decrease in monetary correction are applied to it.
As an example it is representable that you bought the apartment in 1978 for 6000 euros and sell it today for 120.000 euros. If the transaction is carried out till December 31, income tax from sale will make 6595 euros. However, if you decide to sell the apartment next year, the Treasury of Spain will force you to pay 26.240 euros!

Due to such situation, the number of transactions of purchase and sale of apartments in the secondary market jumped up in August for 22,6 % in comparison with the same month in 2013. At the same time, sales of new housing failed for 17 %. As a whole, sales in the market of the Spanish real estate increased by 13,9 % in August, and the prices fell to 8,6 %.