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Google closes the Google News service in Spain

Google closes the Google News service in SpainThis morning Google made the statement in which reports that closes the popular Google News service in Spain. "Unfortunately, because of the new Spanish law, we are compelled to close service soon", Richard Gingras (Richard Gingras) declared in the company blog.

The company argues that the new legislation in the sphere of intellectual property of Spain, demands from such companies as Google", to pay to publishers for any material even if it does not bring profit". In a case with Google News on which pages advertizing is not shown, "this new legislative approach is simply insolvent" for our company. "Thus, with grief we report that on December 16, we will remove references of all Spanish publishing houses from Google News, and Google News will be closed in Spain" – concluded in the companies.
The new Law on copyright under the name "the law of Lassal" (Дey Lassalle), by name the minister of culture of Spain Jose Maria Lassalya (Jose Maria Lassalle), comes into force since January 1.
According to the new law, in Spain so-called "tax Google" – a payment which content aggregators should pay for use of an author’s material on the site will be raised now.