Royal theater Real in Madrid

Royal theater Real in MadridThe royal theater "Real" is considered a recognized historical monument. It towers on Plas Square to de Oriyenta and is a striking example of theater of the opera. One and a half eyelid the theater served as a scene for theatrical performances, a ballroom and a meeting hall Kortesov. When it in 1997 again opened, the theater again began to play a role which for it once was allocated by queen Isabella II. Now "Real" is an opera theater worthy the capitals of Spain.

In theater can be located from 1748 to 1854 people that depends on installations of scenery. In it the whole 28 beds on the various circles, eight of which on the proscenium parties. Besides, there is two-story «an imperial box». The highest circle, a gallery, expanded more than others that did not change the general of a type of theater.

One of floors, "Rotunda", passes around along all building. In it 4 halls, everyone has the shade and is decorated with pictures and sculptures which are recognized as national property or enter into fund of a museum of Prado. Each hall is called also as the street on which there are its windows: "Philippe V", "Charles III", "Arryeta", "Vergara".

In 1997 in theater passed statements of the ballet "Cocked hat", Manuel de Falyi’s two works and the opera «Life is short». The new stage in Real theater life from this point began. Now in it constantly pass own statements which number gradually increases. Besides, to Real theater bring the most interesting foreign performances. To learn repertoire and to order theater tickets it is possible to walk to the theater, and it is possible to call by phone or to buy tickets on the Internet to the address:

This month on a scene it is possible to see the opera "Ainadamar" directed by Alejo Perez and Peter Seyars. The price of tickets from 7 to 172 euros.