The Russian tourists will bring to Catalonia 1,5 billion euro

The Russian tourists will bring to Catalonia 1,5 billion euroThe Russian tourism in Catalonia does not experience crisis and develops the accelerated rates. This year the region should is accepted about 750 thousand our compatriots that for the whole 40 % more than last year.

Judging by quantity of preliminary bronirovaniye, high expectations of the tourist’s industry will be justified. Jordi Matas, the general director of the Incoming Costa Daurada y Garraf company who represents "Natali-Turs" Russian tour operator in Spain, reported that today number of orders of rounds already for 60 % more than in 2011,

Tourists from Russia love outdoor activities more. Marlene Rodriguez, the general director of Iber Rusia Travel notes that 70 % of the Russian rounds to Spain are rounds to Catalonia, and Barcelona became a starting point for trips on the region. Besides, many clients come on Costa Gilthead and Costa – Is gallant, and then in addition visit excursions, are engaged in outdoor activities, with pleasure try a local cuisine and shop.

Russians come to Catalonia on the average for 10-14 days and stand on the fourth place by quantity of expenses. It is planned that in 2012 they will bring in to Catalonia the income in 1,5 billion euro (in 2011 this figure made 680 million). Matas noted that by the approximate calculations, each client will spend on vacation from 1200 to 1500 euros. However from thought that Russians – millionaires, it is necessary to refuse and to be guided by working and middle class which saves money for holiday the whole year.

The significant role in increase in number of the Russian tourists is played by the airport of Barcelona, which accepts every month 700 flights from Russia (that for 70 % more than in 2011), from these flights of 66 % – straight lines charter of 22 cities of the country. For increase in the Russian tourist’s stream that fact that other types of tourism were reduced, for example, in-Russian, and also that the tourist area quickly was reoriented and got information in Russian and the personnel knowing this language had huge value. Besides, a number of actions for simplification of procedure of obtaining visas was carried out. The representative of Iber Rusia Travel considers that the tourist boom of 2011 was partially caused by issue of repeated semi-annual and annual visas by consulate.

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