The nudism is resolved on 451 beaches of Spain

The nudism is resolved on 451 beaches of SpainAccording to the calculation which has been carried out by a specialized portal of the nudism practises on 451 beaches of Spain. From this number 52 beaches are mixed. The Canary archipelago, Balearic Islands and the Basque Country are the ideal directions for the vacationers practising a nudism and a naturism.

Canary Islands are in the lead in a rating with 175 nudist beaches. Thus, for 30 % all Canary beaches tourists can practise a naturism. The second region in this rating is the Basque Country, with 20 beaches and a share of the coast in 30 % where it is possible to bathe without clothes. Balearic Islands with 83 nudist beaches and 24 % from total of the sandy coast took place on the third place of this rating.

In total are less prepared for a meeting of nudists in Murcia, Asturias and Andalusia. Here it is possible to sunbathe in bared to see only on 8, 10 and 32 beaches, respectively.

"Nudistkiye beaches settle down is more isolated and have lower density", Ismail Reken (Ismael Requena) and Angel Garcia (Angel Garcia), founders of a portal of speak.

The biggest beaches where it is possible to do without bathing suits and bikini are beaches Ale to Kofeta (El Cofete) and New Umbry (Nueva Umbria). The first of these beaches is on the Canary Islands, on Fuerteventura. The beach is located in муниципалете Pakhares (Pajaras) and was stretched on 13,7 km at length. From all last-minute tours to Spain, to Canary Islands it is possible to find the best offers. The beach New Umbriya is in Andalusia, province Huelva, in the city of Lep (Lepe). Extent of this beach of 12 kilometers.