The former king of Spain can have illegitimate children

The former king of Spain can have illegitimate childrenThe Supreme court of Spain accepted to consideration the claim to Juan Carlos I from 48-year-old Belgian Ingrid Sartiau (Ingrid Sartiau). She demands paternity recognition by the former king of Spain.

At the same time the court refused to Catalan Albert Saul Jimenez (Alberto Sola Jimenez) in claim opening against the Spanish monarch.
Both claims were brought an action last year after Juan Carlos abdicated in favor of Phillip VI. Earlier similar claims rejected, as, under the constitution of Spain, the person of the king is inviolable.
From Sartiau and Alberto it was required to produce the evidence of existence of the relations between her mother and Juan Carlos. To Sartiau provided the statement of the mother in which it is said that it had intimate communication within three days in 1965 on Costa del Sol with "the tall, handsome man, with blue eyes. The last day its stay in hotel, the concierge told it that this man is the crown prince of Spain.
Now the court can appoint DNA analysis that confirm or disprove Sartiau’s statements, however, Juan Carlos can to refuse to pass it. The monarch has 20 days for decision-making.