60 % of guests of Tenerife do not consider the alternative directions for holiday

60 % of guests of Tenerife do not consider the alternative directions for holidayPoll which has been carried out at the initiative of Management on tourism of Tenerife among guests of the island, showed that about 62 % of tourists, that is more than three million people, are constant guests of the island, come back there again and again and do not consider other options for holiday.

«Our soft climate with moderate temperatures in the summer and in the winter, and also good impressions of rest which tourists share with the friends and acquaintances – here the main reasons why our guests do not want even to think of other place for holiday and plan each new rest for Tenerife», – the chairman of Municipal council of Tenerife Carlos Alonso explained.

Among constant guests of the island level of loyalty of Tenerife as to the main venue of holiday reaches 70 %. In a case with the tourists who for the first time have visited the island and only thinking of again to return, the proportion makes 54,5 %. More resolutely the intention to return is declared by Norwegians, Danes, Irish, Belgians and British.

«According to poll, six of ten tourists who have visited the island last year, received from rest more than expected – this percent even higher, than last year», – the head of department of tourism of Tenerife Miguel Angel Santos explains. This growth is caused by improvement of infrastructure of the island and an ecological situation, climate, hospitality and affability of local population.

Upon termination of holiday of 95 % of tourists say that will recommend Tenerife to the acquaintances. In view of that at least a half of tourists of the island learned about the island according to stories in personal contact or in social networks, this factor gains the increasing importance for further advance of Tenerife as tourist direction.