forbade bathing suits in Barcelona CourtThe Supreme court of Catalonia stopped disputes on the most scandalous ban of administration of Barcelona. The ban of a city administration on a nudism and emergence in swimming trunks and bathing suits in public places is recognized as the lawful. Defenders of nudists and wishing to walk in bathing suits thought that the authorities have no right to enter such ban, but the court did not support their protest.

The administration of Barcelona intends to fight recently for moral shape of the city, but many tourists simply do not manage to trace all innovations. The ban on a public nudism and walk on the city in bathing suits became one of the most noisy and scandalous.

To new rules opposed not only inveterate nudists, but also ordinary tourists and inhabitants of Barcelona. In their opinion, reduction of a flow of tourists that will lead to partial loss of the income of the locals working in the sphere of tourism becomes the fastest consequence of such ban.

But the Supreme court of Catalonia, despite a protest of people around, recognized the decision of city administration of Barcelona lawful, and now a nudism in public places under a ban.

For violation of this resolution the penalty from 120 to 500 euros is put. The tourists leaving beaches in неглиже, will fine for the sum from 300 to 500 euros, for walks in bathing suits on the city it is necessary to pay from 120 to 300 euros.