Spain stakes on industrial tourism

Spain stakes on industrial tourismThe state secretary on tourism of Spain, Isabel Borrego (Isabel Borrego), yesterday declared that the government is going to support sector of industrial tourism in the country. The main objective of such support – to make Spain the leader on this new direction of tourism and successfully to compete to other countries of Northern Europe.

This statement was made during presentation in Madrid new Spanish association of industrial tourism (Red Espanola de Turismo Industrial) together with the chairman of this association Diego Kalvo (Diego Calvo).

Isabel Borrego stated full support of all ministry for this new product in the tourist market of Spain which will involve to Spain a large number of very skilled and exacting tourists ".

At present the association of industrial tourism includes provinces Segovia, Toledo, Alicante, Seville, Cadiz, Murcia, Corunna and the city of Almaden