Algambras popularity falls?

Algambras popularity falls?Financial position of a palace complex of Algambr (Alhambra), pearls of Granada, the economic crisis in the country mentioned. This most interesting building in 2012 visited nearly 2 million 261 thousand people, but it for 2,18 % is less, than year before.

Then in 2011 attendance of this unique monument of architecture reached a record point. However decrease in attendance does not prevent to remain to Algambr’s Palace of one of the most popular sights in Spain. Especially often there come tourists from Europe.

Maria del Maar Vilyafranka, the director general of an architectural complex, notes that while the prices for tickets remain former, adding that reduction of number of visitors seriously affects the budget of the Palace of Algambr. It should be noted that the prices for entrance tickets remain invariable four years.

And though the number of visitors decreased, the management of a Granada monumental complex considers this indicator satisfactory. It no wonder after all the building uses invariable interest of Spaniards and visitors from other countries. This place is obliged by the success expanded programs which are offered visitors. Probably, therefore nearly an every month last year it was noted by inflow of visitors. Only in January, April and October of such increase in number of visitors it was not observed. The holiday became on October 12 peak of attendance, and the most uncrowded day was on January 16.