Spain is ready to cancel visas to Russians

Spain is ready to cancel visas to Russians Soon Russians can receive repeated Spanish visas for a period of 3 or 5 years!!! It was declared by the ambassador of Spain in Moscow Jose Ignacio Karbakhal Garat. Now Russians can receive the secondary visa within two years.

According to the ambassador, Spain supports complete cancellation of visas to Russians. "We want to establish a full freedom of movement between Russia and other Europe. It would be manifestation of the real union, and a wreath of efforts of Spain and other supporters of integration with Russia. Now, at last, there was a shift from Germany and Luxembourg. They agreed on cancellation of visas to the Russians possessing service passports", – he noted, having emphasized that Russia – is the main partner and the ally for EU countries.

The main reason of introduction of visas between the countries, according to Jose Ignacio Karbakhal to Garat, are problems of safety and mass migration. Russians from this point of view of danger do not represent. They go to Europe to travel, therefore in a visa regime the ambassador does not see any sense.