What for the Spanish direction was 2012

What for the Spanish direction was 2012Last year the number of the Russian tourists who have chosen Spain for the rest, for the first time exceeded 1 million people. It became one of the main achievements of the Spanish tourism in 2012.

«If to try to predict, as there can be a season spring-summer-2013, that, considering the contracts signed after the Rest exhibition, having estimated results of purchase of blocks of places, results of early booking of hotels – figures of 2013 should be similar to 2012», – the adviser for tourism of the Spanish embassy in the Russian Federation Felix de Paz Garcia-Diz declared.

In turn, the secretary general on tourism of Spain – Isabel Maria Borrego Cortes, reported that at our tourists Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands used the maximum popularity. She emphasized that now Spain is the third market on the importance of exit tourism in Russia.

«We are going to work over further development of the Spanish tourist directions at the Russian Federation market, opening of new flights from the different cities of the Russian Federation», – she declared, also having added that next year the predicted tourist flow of Russians will grow by 25-30 %.
Tour operators of Russia with optimism look at a new season of 2013.

"Natali Turs’s" director general Natalia Vorobyov confirmed that next year the company expects growth of number of tourists by 30 %.
The tour operator is going to expand the Russian geography on 3-4 cities, to add in the price new Spanish resorts. «Last year we successfully added the region Almeria. And in it already we analyze possibility of air flights on other islands belonging to the Canary archipelago. While we offered only rest to Tenerife», – Vorobyov’s Mrs. reported.

«I have a feeling that the tourist’s stream to this country increased approximately by 30 %. I believe that the number of the Russians, going to have a rest in Spain, will grow further only: reorientation of tourists from Egypt only promotes it, as well as issue of multivisas to our citizens. I am sure, next year the tourist stream will increase by 15 %», – the director of the company of "Vremya-Tur" Nellie Ogurtsova declared to the gen.